Chanel 1310 medBelise Chanel

IAR 1006142

Dam Belise Coco Chanel

Sire Cedar House Amar

DoB 12.03.11

Second Fleece: Micron 23.8, SD 4.7, CV 19.9, CF 90


Belise Beyonce

IAR: 1012653
DOB: 08/12/2013
DAM: Belise Coco Chanel

SIRE: Belise Kenzo

Fleece 2015 : Mean 22.3,SD 3.6, CV 16, CF 97

Part of our show team in 2015, Beyonce performed well with 3rd at Colourbration, 2nd at the National EXPO, First at Canterbury A&P and 2nd at Oxford.



Gucci medBelise Gucci

IAR: 1012651
DOB: 05/12/2012
DAM: Crusader TexasT

SIRE: Warramunga Downs Kalarni

Fleece: Mean 25,SD 5.8, CV 22.9, CF 83
Gucci placed third in class AANZ National EXPO 2013



Samsara medBelise Samsara

IAR: 1006144
DAM: Belise Chloe

SIRE: Warramunga Downs Kalarni
Fleece: Mean 22.9,SD 5.0, CV 21.6, CF 92

Mated to Warramunga Downs Enyo, Samsara produced a solid Black male cria

Samsara has a wonderful meet and greet temperament with a beautifully structured, soft handling, dense Roan fleece.


Shalimar & Salvadore 160509Belise Shalimar

IAR: 1001159
DAM: Sherlin Sadie

SIRE:Viracocha Prophecy
Fleece: Mean 27,SD5.2, CV21, CF 77
Shalimar has produced well conformed cria with dense soft handling fleeces. She is a very competent mother and imparts a gentle nature on her progeny.


Belise Miss D’ior
Miss Dior 161115IAR: 1012656
DOB: 23/01/2013
DAM: Belise Shalimar SIRE: Warramunga Downs Kalarni

Fleece 2015 : Mean 23.9,SD 5.1, CV 21.4, CF 89

Classic confirmation, strong frame and a nice handling fleece with some outstanding black genetics in the background.

Belise Chance

IAR: 1016208
DOB: 30.12.15
DAM: Belise Chanel

SIRE: Warramunga Downs Enyo


Chance has just had her first Cria on New Years eve 2017 and is showing up to be a very attentive and content mother, easily approachable, and her solid black male cria is developing well as a result.

Belise Nina Ricci

IAR: 1018278
DAM: Banksia Park Mangu Maiden ET

SIRE: Warramunga Downs Enyo

This young female shows great potential but sometimes you just have to let them go to great homes.