Darkside Stormtrooper

After loosing two of our top breeding females in 2017 we purchased a black female, Sunsetestate Daquiri who was carrying a mating to Shamarra Dynamo. The objective was to introduce the fleece quality and characteristics of the Dynamo genetic line to our black herd through Daquiri.

To say the result was a surprise would be an understatement but over time we have come to appreciate the contribution that Stormtrooper has made to our herd and our lives.

This page is to follow Stormtrooper in all of his antics and to see just how he develops and integrates with our herd and breeding program


From birth, Stormy was different






His first fleece developed very well and  so did he. First fleece stats 16.3 micron, 3.5 SD and 100% Cf